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About us

Cleaning Because We Care!

Trinity Total Care Cleaning Services is a family-owned and operated residential/commercial professional cleaning service company. We also offer junk hauling services. We specialize in short term rental cleanings and all phases of residential and commercial construction cleanup work. We serve all of Teller, Park, and El Paso Counties and are ready to help you right now.

We offer a multitude of cleaning packages and services, including carpet cleaning, and window cleaning for windows that can be reached with a step ladder. We also partner with a local, reputable, licensed and insured window cleaning service company for jobs that require collaboration and can provide turn-key service provision for window cleaning if needed.

One of the benefits of choosing Trinity Total Care Cleaning Services for your cleaning needs is that we work hard to use all-natural, essential oils based cleaning solutions, specifically Thieves, as we conduct our cleaning work. We also use Kangen 2.5% alkaline water to pair with the essential oils cleaning solutions in order to ensure that all bathrooms, countertops and other related areas and applicable surfaces are perfectly clean and sanitary when we’re done.


Our unique approach to cleaning using Thieves, and alkaline water where applicable, ensures that we keep the caustic, and many times, toxic cleaning chemicals and fumes commonly left by traditional cleaners from polluting the air and environment in our customer’s homes and offices. We feel that this is a far healthier approach for both, our cleaning technicians, and our customers as we go about doing our work.

We started this business with a desire to serve our community and we remain driven to do just that! Our absolute favorite service offering is one that blesses a very special group within our community, through donation (both ours and yours). Here’s how it works, for all first-time customers, we are excited to offer one free hour of residential cleaning service time, as a match, for customers who choose to add an hour of donated cleaning service time to their balance when they pay their invoice. This donated cleaning service time will currently be donated to the Adoption/Foster Support Ministry (, which is hosted by the Woodland Park Community Church. Through this ministry, the donated cleaning services time will be provided to foster and adoptive families in the Teller County area who are connected to this ministry and need help. It takes special people to serve as adoptive families, and not everybody is in a position to do that kind of work, but through this program, you can absolutely contribute to supporting and lifting those families up! Please call or message us today for more information. ​

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